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Art You Craft was created by artist/designer Peggy Cochran, who has worked for over 35 years in a variety of media including wood, porcelain and precious metals. A source of inspiration for her as a teenager was the paint-by-number series produced by Avalon, a company that operated from the 1950s to the early 1970s. Their unusual kits consisted of one-dimensional Early American images printed on wood.  The color and texture of the wood were  incorporated into the design, providing a surface both beautiful and durable.  In fact, Peggy's childhood paintings on wood, which had hung in the family home in New Orleans,  survived six weeks in Hurricane Katrina floodwaters. 

Inspired by the quaintness and durability of the Avalon kits, Peggy has taken the concept in a new direction.  The unique designs she has created in Art You Craft include modern as well as traditional imagery, in literal as well as abstract forms and shapes.  

Peggy hopes those of all ages will enjoy the same feeling of joy and accomplishment afforded her through the process of painting by number.

There are eight different images in a variety of color combinations for the acrylic paint on wood kits. Colored pencil kits with images printed on 110 lb. premium card stock will be available soon.


for adults, teens & pre-teens

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Art You Craft


Designs by artist Peggy Cochran

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