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                           Kits are appropriate for adults, teens and detail oriented children.

                           Art You Craft Paint by Number Kits on Wood include the following:

                 1)  One (printed in the USA) 8 1/2 x 11 x 1/4" piece of plywood that is environmentally conscious

                      and produced from sustainable wood sources (no hardwoods) and is NGBS Green Certified.  

                 2)  Sandpaper to round edges and corners of the wood.

                 3)  Two quality paint brushes.

                 4)  Numbered paint pots filled with the highest quality craft paint made in the USA.

                 5)  Satin varnish, made in the USA, to protect your painting and enhance color.

                 6)  Varnish brush.

                 7)  Stirring sticks for paint.

                 8)  Hanging display tab.

                 9)  Paint by number black & white guide of the image printed on separate paper (numbers are not  

                      print on the wood image.       

                 10)  An additional visual color guide printed on separate paper.

                 11)  Complete instructions with helpful tips.





Copyright Peggy Cochran/Art You Craft 2014.  All rights reserved.

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for adults, teens & pre-teens

Relaxing, Creative, Meditative, Rewarding

Art You Craft


Designs by artist Peggy Cochran

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